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Tis the Season for Sweet Cash


How it works – it’s as simple as BUY ONE, GET ONE, GIVE ONE: 

  1. BUY a gift card for $20 to $200 at any Sugar Land business through in-store purchase, drive-thru or curbside pick-up.

  2. Submit proof of your gift card purchase using our online submission form

  3. GET a gift card from a contributing Sugar Land Business valued at the closest $20 increment equal to or less than your original gift card purchase, sent to you in the mail or to be picked up at City Hall for your convenience.

  4. The City of Sugar Land will GIVE 500 gift cards to local frontline workers at the conclusion of the program, made possibly by your participation. 

Gift cards are given in increments of $20. If your original gift card value was not in an increment of $20, you will receive a gift card valued at the closest increment of $20 less than the value of your original gift card. For example, if you purchase a gift card for $35, you will receive a gift card for $20 in return, but if you purchase a gift card for $40, you will receive a gift card for $40 in return. 

About 'Tis the Season for Sweet Cash

‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash is a festive new take on the original Sweet Cash program, started as a creative way to support small businesses that have faced economic uncertainty. Now, just in time for the holidays, the program is back with a simplified process: shoppers can buy a gift card at any Sugar Land business for a minimum of $20 and receive a gift card, valued at the closest $20 increment equal to or less than their original purchase, from another Sugar Land business in return! As part of the program, the City of Sugar Land will also distribute free gift cards to local frontline workers. Doing your part to stimulate the economy and support our frontline heroes all starts with the purchase of a gift card at your favorite local business! 

'Tis the Season Gift Card Contributors


Alings Chinese Bistro

Altar'd State

Another Broken Egg

Baby's & Kid's 1st

Bahama Bucks

Baskin Robbins

Berryhill Baja Grill

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Sugar Land

Branding Matters!

Decadent A Coffee and Dessert Bar

Escape Again Rooms

Fernando's Steakhouse

Fire It Up Pottery & Art Studio

Floyd's Cajun Seafood

Guru Burgers & Bowls


Jimmy John's

Jupiter Pizza & Waffles Co.

Keeper's Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Mai Colachi BBQ & Grill

Marble Slab Creamery

MTea & Coffee

Nirmanz Food Boutique

REV365 Fitness


Sing Along Karaoke

Straight Out of Bangkok

Sugar Land Ice & Sports

Sugar Land Skeeters

Swirll Frozen Yogurt

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors

'Tis the Season FAQ

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend on a gift card? 

Yes, the minimum is $20. 

Is there a maximum amount I can spend on a gift card? 

Yes, the maximum is $200 per gift card, but you can always buy and submit additional gift cards if you'd like to contribute more than $200. 

If I buy a gift card from one business, do I receive a gift card from the same business? 

No. You will receive a gift card from a different Sugar Land business, randomly chosen for you. 

Are e-gift card purchases accepted?

No, but an exception may be made for businesses that ONLY exist in Sugar Land and do not have other locations in the US. This helps to ensure that the purchase benefits our local economy and businesses!

Are gift cards still available? 

Yes! We still have plenty of gift cards available.

Why did you drop the minimum gift card purchase amount from $40 to $20? 

Now people who only want to spend $20 are able to participate, and with the holidays approaching, gift cards of even $20 make great gifts for friends, teachers and family members. 

Can I still submit a gift card if it isn’t in an increment of $20? What will happen? 

Absolutely, you can submit a gift card purchase as long as it’s of any value between $20 and $200. If your original gift card purchase is of a value not in an increment of $20, the gift card you receive in return will be of the closest increment of $20 less than the value of your original purchase. For example, if you purchase and submit a gift card for $35, you will receive a gift card for $20 in return. This is because return gift cards are only in increments of $20. 

How will I receive my return gift card? 

You can provide your address when you submit your receipt and we will mail the gift card to you or you can pick it up at City Hall. 

How quickly will I receive my free gift card? 

If you choose to have your gift card mailed to you, we will put it in the mail within one week after you submit your online submission form. If you choose to pick it up at City Hall, it will be available there the Thursday after you submit online. 

Can I trade my gift card in for one to a different business? 

We don’t exchange gift cards, but if you’d like to mail your gift card back, you can donate it to the frontline worker distribution effort, meaning your original purchase will result in helping two frontline workers! 

Can I submit more than once? 

Absolutely! You can submit as many times as you like and each gift card you purchase can be a maximum of $200. 

Do gift cards from grocery stores count? 

Yes! Purchasing a gift card from any Sugar Land grocery store is acceptable, however, the gift card must be for the grocery store where it was purchased.  

If I buy a VISA gift card from a store in Sugar Land, can I submit that?

No. Only gift cards that are specific to Sugar Land businesses are eligible for participation. Generic VISA gift cards or Third-Party gift cards are not eligible for submission.

What happens if a business closes before I can redeem my gift card? 

Unfortunately, like all gift card purchases, there are no guarantees about the ability of a business to maintain its operations in the short- or long-term. Our hope is that by directing resources and encouraging gift card sales in a program like this, the small businesses that make our neighborhoods vibrant year-round will be able to survive and thrive. Refunds will not be available through this program. 

When does the ‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash program end? 

The program will continue to run until we run out of gift cards! We anticipate the program to last through the end of 2020, but we will update AllInForSLTX.com with more information when we are close to running out of gift cards. 

'Tis the Season Rules and Participation Guidelines

‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash Program is a festive new take on the original Sweet Cash Program launched in June 2020, which has injected over $165,000 into our local economy through the purchase of gift cards and given nearly 1,200 gift cards to frontline workers to say “thank you” for their service during the pandemic.

‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash Program uses Sugar Land 4B Corporation (SL4B) funds to leverage private dollars in support of local businesses. For every gift card that is purchased (minimum of $20 and up to $200 and duly submitted to the program) from any Sugar Land business, the SL4B will provide the consumer with gift card(s) from Participating Businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Gift cards from a Participating Business, equal to the value of the initial purchase (in increments of $20) will be provided to the consumer.  Through the program, ‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash will also give 500 gift cards to frontline workers in Sugar Land as a “thank you” for their service during the pandemic. 

Consumer Participation 

Consumer: A consumer of the Sweet Cash Program buys a gift card from any Sugar Land business, fully completes an online submission form, submits a receipt as proof of their purchase and any related information, and agrees to post to a social media platform of their choice with the #AllInForSLTX tag. 

Frontline Worker: A frontline worker is a healthcare, public safety, grocery or related occupation that has assisted in the COVID-19 pandemic efforts and as a result may have had increased exposure to the virus due to their work. The worker must be a Sugar Land resident or work in Sugar Land.  City of Sugar Land employees will not be eligible to receive gift cards as a frontline worker. 

Frontline Business/Organization: A frontline business or organization is one that has been necessary in the fight against COVID-19, such as a hospital, medical-related service, grocery store, supplier of medical supplies or necessary goods and other similar businesses that have needed to continue operation throughout the pandemic. 

Initial Gift Card Purchase: The initial gift card purchase is made at any Sugar Land business on or after the date announced by the ‘Tis the Season Sweet Cash Program and while supplies lasts. The gift card purchased must be for use at the store at which it was purchased (ie, generic VISA gift cards and Third-Party gift cards are not eligible for submission).The date will be published on the program website and the initial gift card purchased must have a minimum value of $20 and maximum of $200.[1] 

"Thank you" Gift Card Amounts: Gift card(s) from a Participating Business will be distributed to the consumer on a buy one, get one basis to the least $20 increment value.  For example, a $20 gift card purchase will receive a $20 gift card in return.  A $30 gift card purchase will receive a $20 gift card in return.  And a $50 gift card purchase will receive two $20 gift cards in return.  Gift cards will be distributed while supplies last and the program administrator will make every effort to stop accepting submissions when supplies have run out.

"Thank you" Gift Card Distribution to Consumer: Consumers will have the option to pick-up their gift card at a designated location or receive their gift card by mail. The Sweet Cash Program is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gifts card or any unauthorized card use.

"Pay-it-forward" Gift Card Distribution to Front-Line Worker/Business/Organization: Gift cards will be distributed directly to the frontline worker or to a frontline worker business/organization by ‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash staff.  A signed Gift Card Acknowledgement Form will be required.   

Participating Businesses: A participating business is one that has previously applied to the Sweet Cash Program, has been accepted based on eligibility criteria, and entered into a performance agreement with the SL4B to sell gift cards in $20 increments to the SL4B for the Sweet Cash Program based on a total amount determined by the Selection Committee.  ‘Tis the Season for Sweet Cash Program refers to them as “gift card contributors” as new participating business applications and agreements are not planned as part of this version of the program.   

Gift Cards: Each gift card purchased by the SL4B from the Participating Business will be $20 and accompanied by a receipt demonstrating activation of the card and dollar amount. 

Total Gift Card Purchase: SL4B’s purchase of gift cards from any individual Participating Business will not exceed $5,000 total over the life of the program. 

Program Funding: Program funding will be provided and determined by the SL4B.  Pending available funds and operation of the program, the Sweet Cash program could have multiple rounds. 

Non-Participating Businesses: A business, located in the City of Sugar Land city limits, where the consumer purchases their initial gift card.  A Non-participating business can or cannot be a participant of the Sweet Cash Program.  They are selected by the consumer. 

Other Program Rules

Disclaimer: The program will attempt to stop accepting consumer submissions as soon as program funds are depleted. 

Terms of Service: The Sugar Land 4B Corporation and associated, City of Sugar Land, serve solely as the administrator of the ‘Tis the Season Sweet Cash Program. No refunds or exchanges will be given by the Sugar Land 4B Corporation or the City of Sugar Land except where required by law.  

Gift cards issued under this program carry the same risk that all gift cards have. Specifically, that the Participating Business issuing the gift card may cease business or otherwise be unable to provide the goods or services. Gift Card recipients are to treat them like cash.  

After receiving the “thank you” gift card, consumers should contact the Participating Business directly with any questions or concerns. Consumers understand and agree that issues associated with a gift card functionality or acceptance are the sole responsibility of the issuing Participating Business and not the City of Sugar Land or Sugar Land 4B Corporation. Consumer releases the City of Sugar Land and Sugar Land 4B Corporation from all liability and responsibility associated with the failure of the issuing Participating Business to be able to provide the goods or services. 

[1] More than one submission can be made, if consumer wishes to purchase more than $200 worth of gift cards

Have a question or suggestion regarding the 'Tis the Season for Sweet Cash program? Send us a message at ecodev@sugarlandtx.gov.  

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