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Thriving, successful businesses need great employees. Growth in medical, technology, manufacturing, engineering, financial and other sectors means Sugar Land has a diverse mix of talented and highly-educated people to perform whatever job is required of them. Also, the average age of a Sugar Land resident is just over 41, making our workforce several years younger than the national average.  

Sugar Land Workforce Demographics

Because so many of our residents have specialized skills and/or college and professional degrees, the average salary is just under the national average at $51,205 per year.

Hold College and Graduate Degrees
Average Annual Salary
10-Year Projected Job Growth
Total Employment

Educational Attainment

Expected growth rates for occupations vary by the education and training required. While all employment in the City of Sugar Land, TX is projected to grow 2.7% over the next ten years, occupations typically requiring a postgraduate degree are expected to grow 3.3% per year, those requiring a bachelor’s degree are forecast to grow 3.0% per year, and occupations typically needing a 2-year degree or certificate are expected to grow 3.1% per year.

Major Job Sectors

But you may be wondering – what industries are in Sugar Land? We have  several stand-out sectors when it comes to our workforce and job industries, including a rapid growth rate in the healthcare field. The list continues here: 

Health Care & Social Assistance
Office & Administrative Support
Accommodation, Food Service & Retail Trade
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