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University of Houston at Sugar Land

The University of Houston’s College of Technology has been growing and inspiring leaders in innovative technology since 1941. In 2019, the university unveiled a 100,000 square-foot state-of-the-art building dedicated to the College of Technology at its Sugar Land campus. Equipped with auditoriums, research labs, faculty and staff offices, student lounge areas, and greenhouse space, the development quickly enabled the City of Sugar Land to become an undeniable force when it comes to technology. 

In 2021, the college was allocated $52.4 million from the Texas Legislature to construct a second College of Technology building, prompting the university to announce the relocation of its entire College of Technology to the Sugar Land campus, broadening the area’s potential in advanced manufacturing, supply chain management, biotechnology, digital media, and more. In total, the UH System received $339.5 million to support construction and renovations across its four universities. 

Fueling the Region’s Workforce 

The College of Technology’s expansion is a big win for the greater Houston workforce which has seen tremendous growth in the technology sector – in part, due to the influx of technology companies moving to Texas over the past decade. Home to over 42,000 tech companies, the technology industry accounts for 8% of the state’s economy which employs more than a million tech workers. 

While the Houston metropolitan area experienced a 15% increase in tech employment from 2015-2020, Sugar Land employment rose by 28%. The technology industry now employs more than a thousand people in Sugar Land and is expected to increase an additional 26% through 2030. 

Students of Machine Learning  

In partnership with Relationshop, a leading provider of digital engagement and shopper loyalty solutions, The University of Houston at Sugar Land recently announced plans to open a cloud-based data center called the AI Retail Innovation Lab to keep pace with the unparalleled growth of digital retail. 

The lab will allow for solution-based analysis of in-store and online shopping data as well as internship opportunities. Students will have access to simulated retail environments, enabling the exploration of innovations such as frictionless technology and data mapping to find correlations between colon cancer and food consumption.  

Leaders in Innovation  

With a national shortage of tech talent, IT firms cluster in regions with strong histories of tech talent. The University of Houston’s College of Technology remains at the forefront of innovation, adding and adapting new technologies every year to remain leaders in the tech space and providing tech firms with the talent they need to grow their businesses. 


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