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Public Private Partnerships

As a city with an established and diverse business community, Sugar Land knows that achieving results takes a bold and thoughtful approach, or as we call it down here in the sweetest city in Texas, the “Sugar Land Way.” We take the time to listen to and understand the needs of our citizens and businesses, desiring to push our city and your investment forward through the creation of successful public/private partnerships that benefit the community and make Sugar Land a great place for our residents and businesses to call home.

Town Square

Anchored by the iconic Sugar Land City Hall, Sugar Land Town Square grew from an empty field and bold vision into a unique 32-acre destination where residents and employees live, work, shop, and gather. This highly successful public/private partnership was a collaboration between the City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District Number 2, Planned Community Developers Ltd., and three restricted economic development funding corporations. Since its beginnings, Sugar Land Town Square has reshaped the city’s landscape and lifestyle with its delicious dining options, fantastic storefronts, stylish condos, world-class hotel, and other amenities such as gyms and salons available to Town Square residents, business employees, and visitors. We call it the beating heart of Sugar Land.

Houston Museum of Natural Science Sugar Land

Located on the former Central State Prison Farm site, the award-winning Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land opened in 2009 and is a public/private partnership between the owner and developer of Telfair, the City of Sugar Land, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, that creatively incorporates the historic “Two Camp” building of the prison into its architectural design and functionality.

Destination Venues

In 2007, the City of Sugar Land’s citizen-led Visioning Task Force identified five preferred entertainment and destination venues to enhance Sugar Land’s standing as a premier destination location. This vision included a minor league baseball stadium, an indoor live entertainment venue, a festival site, a second hotel and conference center, and a community arts venue. Three of the projects have been completed thus far: Constellation Field, Smart Financial Center, and Crown Festival Park, all of which were approached boldly and thoughtfully the “Sugar Land Way.” The remaining two projects are still underway.

Constellation Field

Home of the Skeeters independent baseball team, Constellation Field is a $36-million professional baseball park built without the use of general-fund tax dollars. The public/private partnership between the City of Sugar Land, Opening Day Partners and the Johnson Development Corporation/The Imperial Redevelopment District was primarily funded by $30 million in bonds provided by the Sugar Land 4B Corporation, an economic development corporation. Since opening in 2012, the stadium has served as a community hub, hosting exciting events for residents to enjoy, including special holiday celebrations, and welcomes over 350,000 visitors annually.

Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land

Since its grand opening in January 2017, the Smart Financial Centre is the region’s most technologically advanced indoor live-entertainment venue, featuring moveable walls that expand and contract to create intimate settings of approximately 3,300 to large shows over 6,400. The public/private partnership was built without general-fund tax dollars, instead funded by a voter-approved package of restricted economic development dollars, as well as a $10 million equity contribution from ACE SL, LLC, the city’s award-winning partner. The end result is a commercially self-sustainable amenity that provides concerts, cultural acts, and community events for residents and visitors. The facility continues to exceed all projections and regularly ranks on Pollster as one of the top indoor venues in the United States.

Crown Festival Park

In 2005, the Sugar Land 4B Corporation entered into a $3.5 million, 100-year ground lease on a beautiful, 52-acre property with the University of Houston at Sugar Land. The lease was assigned in 2012 to the City of Sugar Land, with the consideration of various uses for temporary events.

In the spring of 2013, a committee of more than 100 Sugar Land residents met to consider parks projects for an upcoming bond election. Funding for two of the proposed parks projects was approved through property tax revenues, one being the 128-acre Brazos River Park project, which included the development of the 52-acre festival site that opened in March 2017 and was later named The Crown Festival Park at Sugar Land. The Crown Festival Site at Sugar Land is perfect for hosting large-scale events such as music festivals, marathons, and sporting events.

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