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Housing & Cost of Living

From Money to Niche, the list of leading publications naming Sugar Land as one of the best places to live continues to grow. With plenty of well-maintained parks, greenways, and lakes for recreational use, life in Sugar Land allows families and professionals to maintain a small town lifestyle while retaining access to big city amenities. There’s even the fantastic perk of having a short commute, even to the Houston metro!

#24 Best Suburbs to Live in America
Energy Corridor and the Galleria
15 Miles
Medical Center
20 Miles
22 Miles


Whatever your lifestyle, you can choose how to live the sweet life. Sugar Land is well-known for its beautiful, master-planned communities, lush green lawns where children play, sprawling homes with room for everyone, and backyards set up to host the king of barbeques. Choose from a multitude of communities and subdivisions with luxury amenities such as golf courses, pools, tennis courts, parks and country clubs. Custom-built homes offer an array of options ranging from personal pools and sizable lots or even a spot on the lake. Home sizes and prices range from modest to million-dollar mansions, and if a single-family home isn’t quite your taste, Sugar Land also has a variety of stylish condos, townhomes and apartments to choose from.

Median Household Income
Median Home Value
Percentage of Adults w/401(k)

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Sugar Land is closely linked to the strong business community ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms, the many professional and corporate jobs filled by Sugar Land residents and the fast-growing population of the city.

#3 Best Places to Live in Texas

Highly educated individuals and successful families are drawn to the business and personal opportunities offered here. As a result, the area’s real estate market is very strong.  Houses hold or increase their value and sell well. There are also a multitude of activities in close proximity from shopping and dining to music in Town Square and family fun at museums. 

With 100 being the average, Sugar Land scores 102.5 overall, slightly above the national average (JobsEQ 2020). The cost of health care, a major concern for all Americans, and groceries are well below the national average in Sugar Land.  While, the cost of housing is the highest category as Sugar Land residents live in some of the nation’s best master-planned communities. Transportation, utilities and the cost of goods and services are very close to the 100 average. The single area where Sugar Land scores the best is, income tax… there is none in the State of Texas.

Household Income

The average household size in Sugar Land is just 3 people, yet the median household income is well above the national and Texas average.

Median Household Income Comparisons:

  • Sugar Land - $109,149

  • Houston –  $51,140

  • Texas - $59,206

  • U.S.A. - $60,293

What Residents Spend Money on in Sugar Land:

  • Housing

  • Health Care

  • Food at Home

  • Food Away from Home

  • Entertainment/Recreation

  • Household Furniture & Equipment

  • Apparel & Services

  • Education

The Cost of Living Index is based on a national average of 100. If the amount is below 100, it is lower than the national average. If the amount is above 100, it is higher than the national average.

Data Sources: JobsEQ 2020, areavides Q4-2019, ESRI April 2020

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