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Abundant office space, talented workforce, and a pro-business city with low taxes
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Of all the companies headquartered in the Houston region, Sugar Land is home to 13 headquarters ranging from up and coming companies to Fortune 500's.

In Sugar Land you’ll be in the company of many other successful businesses who are thriving in our pro-business climate and family-oriented quality of life. A sampling of the largest companies in Sugar Land include Accredo Packaging, Inc. and Applied Optoelectronics, but the city is home to an abundance of corporate headquarters and Fortune 500 companies. Some key industries include biotech and healthcare,  business and financial services, and R&D and advanced manufacturing.  

The Companies Who Headquarter In Sugar Land

Companies with Headquarters in Sugar Land


It’s easy to see why so many companies headquartered in the Houston region decide to make Sugar Land their home. The city is not only just 20 minutes southwest of downtown Houston, but Sugar Land is also easily accessible to the world through a network of major roadways with quick access to international ports and airports, allowing for the global distribution of goods. Our highly educated and globally diverse workforce pipeline is unbeatable when it comes to staffing your operation, and our pro-business climate has one of the nation's lowest tax burdens. These factors paired with an Economic Development team fully dedicated to the success of your business mean that Sugar Land is the place for your business. 

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