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All in for Sltx

Sweet Cash Program Rules

The Sugar Land Sweet Cash Program is a component of the #AllInForSLTX business campaign. The program will use Fort Bend County CARES funds to support local businesses. For every gift card that is purchased (up to $500 per person and duly submitted to the program) from a Sugar Land business, the Sweet Cash 2021 program will provide thank you voucher(s) from participating businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to supporting Sugar Land businesses, the best thing about Sweet Cash 2021 is the ability to experience a new Sugar Land business that you may not have been to before.  

The Sweet Cash 2021 seeks to support approximately 200 local small businesses not only through thank you voucher purchases but associated promotional activities and marketing. 

Consumer Participation 

Consumer: A consumer of the Sweet Cash Program buys a gift card from any Sugar Land business, fully completes an online submission form, submits a receipt as proof of their purchase and any related information, and agrees to post to a social media platform of their choice with the #AllInForSLTX tag. 

Initial Gift Card Purchase and "Thank You Voucher" Amounts: The initial gift card purchase is made at any Sugar Land business on or after the date announced by the Sweet Cash Program and while supplies lasts.

The Sweet Cash 2021 promotion requires you to make a $50 initial gift card, gift certificate, or gift voucher purchase from any Sugar Land business (see Sugar Land map here). In return, valid submissions will receive a thank you voucher from a participating business at the closest $50 increment equal to or less than your original purchase. For example, if you purchase a $75 gift card, you will receive one $50 thank you voucher in return, but if you purchase a $100 gift card, you will receive two $50 thank you vouchers in return. We will match your gift card purchases in this fashion up to $500 per submission, meaning you can earn up to 10 Sweet Cash thank you vouchers with your participation!

All thank you vouchers will be selected and distributed at random. The thank you vouchers are only valid for one-time use. No cash change will be made by the Participating Business

"Thank you Voucher" Distribution to Consumer: You will receive your thank you voucher by mail.  Staff will process & mail validated submissions on the first Tuesday of every month. Consumers can expect to receive their vouchers within 7-10 business days after thank you vouchers have been mailed out.

Upon receipt, if you have any questions regarding your voucher, please contact the business directly.

Business Participation 

Participating Businesses: A participating business is one that applies to the Sweet Cash Program, is accepted based on eligibility criteria, and enters into a performance agreement to accept thank you vouchers in $50 increments in return of funding of $2,500-$5,000 paid by the City of Sugar Land through Sweet Cash 2021.

Application Process: A Participating Business must submit a completed application via the designated online form to be considered for the program.  An application will be deemed incomplete if all requested materials are not provided.  Applicants that meet the Eligibility Criteria will be accepted on a first come first served basis as funding allows and as determined by the Selection Committee.  

Eligibility Criteria: A business will be considered for Sweet Cash 2021 if they submit a completed application, meet the following criteria and provide requested materials:  

  1. Have a physical location in Sugar Land.

  2. Have 50 or fewer Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees across all Sugar Land locations.

  3. Have paid local sales tax to the City of Sugar Land in 2020.

  4. Be considered a hotel, retail, food & beverage, or service-oriented business.

Selection of Participating Businesses: A Selection Committee made up of a representative from the Economic Development Department, Purchasing Department and City Attorney’s Office will review the applications for completeness, eligibility and determine funding based on previous participants or first-time applicants in the program. Staff will coordinate missing information from each business and will produce performance agreements accordingly.

Thank You Voucher Acceptance: By signing the performance agreement, the Participating Business agrees to accept thank you voucher(s) as a form of payment, similar to a gift card in $50 increments for a one-time use by the consumer. The Participating Business is not required to make change and should collect the thank you voucher upon redemption.

Total Business Support: Any individual Participating Business will not exceed $5,000 total over the life of the program. 

Non-Participating Businesses: A business, located in the City of Sugar Land city limits, where the consumer purchases their initial gift card.  A Non-participating business can or cannot be a participant of Sweet Cash 2021.  They are selected by the consumer. 

Other Program Rules

Disclaimer: The program will attempt to stop accepting consumer submissions as soon as program funds are depleted. 

Terms of Service 

The City of Sugar Land serves solely as the administrator of Sweet Cash 2021. Once a purchase has been made and matching thank you voucher(s) has been issued, the Consumer may redeem their thank you voucher at the Participating Business. No refunds or exchanges will be given by the City of Sugar Land except where required by law.  

Vouchers issued under this program carry the same risk that all gift vouchers have. Specifically, that the Participating Business to which the thank you voucher was issued may cease business or otherwise be unable to provide the goods or services. Voucher recipients are to treat them like cash.  

After receiving the thank you Voucher, consumers should contact the Participating Business directly with any questions or problems. Consumers understand and agree that issues associated with a voucher functionality or acceptance are the sole responsibility of the issuing Participating Business and not the City of Sugar Land. Consumer releases the City of Sugar Land from all liability and responsibility associated with the failure of the issuing Participating Business to be able to provide the goods or services. 

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