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Sweet Cash Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Consumer

What is #AllInforSLTX Sweet Cash 2021?

The #AllInForSLTX Sweet Cash 2021 is a way to support Sugar Land’s small businesses through the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis.  Businesses closed or significantly reduced operations and are now working to safely reopen and jump start their businesses again.  Buying gift cards is an easy way to support your favorite restaurants, retailers, and service businesses get back to business! Learn more

Where should I purchase my initial gift card, gift certificate or gift voucher?

Sweet Cash 2021 requires you to make a $50 initial gift card, gift certificate or gift voucher purchase from any Sugar Land business. To ensure your preferred business falls within City limits, please search for your business on the map linked here prior to your initial purchase. Some businesses may have a Sugar Land address and still fall outside of City limits.

Do I get to select which business I receive a "thank you voucher" from?

All thank you vouchers will be selected and distributed at random. To see a full list of participating businesses, please click here.

In addition to supporting Sugar Land businesses by going #AllInForSLTX, the best thing about Sweet Cash 2021 is the ability to experience a new Sugar Land business that you may not have been to before and that's why thank you vouchers are distributed randomly.

What happens if a business closes before I can redeem my "thank you voucher"?

Unfortunately, like all gift card purchases, there are no guarantees about the ability of a business to maintain its operations in the long or short-term. Our hope is that by directing resources and encouraging gift card sales in a program like this, the small businesses that make our neighborhoods vibrant year-round will be able to survive and thrive. Refunds will not be available through this program.

How and when will I receive my "thank you voucher"?

You will receive your thank you voucher by mail.  Staff will process & mail validated submissions on the first Tuesday of every month. Consumers can expect to receive their vouchers within 7-10 business days after they have been mailed out.

Upon receipt, if you have any questions regarding your gift card, please contact the business directly.

When can I redeem my "thank you voucher"?

Once received!  We recommend calling or emailing the individual business if you have any questions about redemption.  Also, please note: these vouchers are for the businesses themselves, and typically cannot be used on mobile ordering apps like UberEats, Door Dash, or Postmates.

Thank you voucher(s) are only valid for one-time use. No change will be provided and the voucher will be collected by the participating business once redeemed.

I'm a small-business owner in the City of Sugar Land. Can I participate?

Probably! You can read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

What is #AllInForSLTX Sweet Cash 2021?

The #AllInForSLTX Sweet Cash 2021 is a way to support Sugar Land’s small businesses through the challenges brought by the COVID-19 crisis.  The program is designed to promote participating businesses and directly inject financial support through the purchase of gift cards.

Who is the program for?

This program was created to specifically help small businesses by providing an incentive to customers to purchase gift cards as a means of generating revenue.

My business is outside of the City of Sugar Land in the ETJ. Can I get involved?

Unfortunately, this program is limited to City of Sugar Land city limits at this time. Check back regularly for any updates, and feel free to contact us so we can gauge any additional interest in this program.

When will I receive payments?

Following execution of the Performance Agreement, a $2,500-$5,000 check will be mailed to the participating business within 14 business days of contract initiation.

How will consumers receive their thank you vouchers?

Consumers will receive their thank you vouchers by mail.

Thank you voucher are only valid for one-time use. No change will be provided and the voucher should be collected by the participating business upon redemption.

I don't normally sell gift card/certificates. Can I still participate?

Yes, your business does not need to produce gift cards, gift certificates or gift vouchers to participate. Upon signature of the Performance Agreement, a thank you voucher will be produced to be used at your business.

Are there fees to be involved?

No. This program is being run as a service to support small businesses. There are no participation fees.

How can I encourage sales of my gift cards?

Simple: spread the word! We encourage you to spread the word on social media by using the #AllInForSLTX and share the program web page link on your site.

If I'm not a "participating business" in the Sweet Cash program, can I still take part?

Since we are encouraging people to purchase gift cards or gift certificates from ANY Sugar Land business, here’s how you can take advantage in three simple steps:  

  1. Promote that you sell gift cards, gift vouchers or gift certificates via social media or any platform of your choosing. (Ensure that your Sugar Land business address is clearly marked on the receipt).  

  1. Include in your messaging that by buying a gift card or gift certificate from your business, the buyer will get a free thank you voucher for another business in Sugar Land.

  2. Be sure to use the #AllInForSLTX hashtag when posting on your preferred platform.

Ready to participate?

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