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All in for Sltx

Sweet Cash 2021

The Sugar Land Sweet Cash is back for 2021! The flagship initiative of the City of Sugar Land’s #AllInForSLTX campaign, Sweet Cash 2021 is designed to support local businesses that have endured economic uncertainty due to the pandemic and gives an exciting opportunity for our community to engage with new businesses that they may not have tried before.


BUY a voucher, GET a voucher!

  1. The process is simple! For every voucher or gift card ($50 min.) you BUY from ANY Sugar Land business,

  2. You will GET a thank you voucher to another Sugar Land business by submitting your proof of purchase on the online submission form

  3. Finally, upon verification of your submission, your thank you voucher(s) will be mailed to you!

In addition to supporting Sugar Land businesses by going #AllInForSLTX, the best thing about Sweet Cash 2021 is the ability to experience a new Sugar Land business that you may not have been to before.

The Sweet Cash 2021 promotion requires you to make a $50 initial gift card, gift certificate, or gift voucher purchase from any Sugar Land business (see Sugar Land map here). In return, valid submissions will receive a thank you voucher from a participating business at the closest $50 increment equal to or less than your original purchase. For example, if you purchase a $75 gift card, you will receive one $50 thank you voucher in return, but if you purchase a $100 gift card, you will receive two $50 thank you vouchers in return. We will match your gift card purchases in this fashion up to $500 per submission, meaning you can earn up to 10 Sweet Cash thank you vouchers with your participation!

Interested to see which businesses are providing thank you vouchers? See the full list here.

Although there is no deadline, we recommend getting your submissions in as soon as possible. We only have a limited number of thank you vouchers available for distribution and we want to make sure you along with your friends and families get an opportunity to participate.

Have a question or suggestion regarding the Sweet Cash program? Send us a message at  

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