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All in for Sltx

How It Works For Participating Businesses

Are you a Sugar Land Business Owner?

Then we encourage you to join the #AllInForSLTX movement! We are actively recruiting businesses to fuel them with cash through Sweet Cash 2021. ANY Sugar Land business can apply for the program if they meet the criteria below. You can participate by -

  1. Submitting a completed application here.

  2. Upon verification, selected businesses will be notified to complete a performance agreement.  

  3. Once the agreement is finalized, staff will coordinate delivery of a check valued at $2,500-$5,000 per business.

  4. One-time "thank you vouchers" will be generated for your business in $50 increments that will be distributed to the community.

  5. By participating, you will be listed as a Participating Business and will be included in marketing efforts conducted for the Sweet Cash 2021 program.

Our goal is to bring new customers to you by taking away the consumer acquisition cost and to help propel your current marketing efforts.

Sweet Cash 2021 reserves the right to exclude any business for any reason. Selection decisions are final and at the discretion of Sweet Cash 2021. Once funds have been utilized, we will stop accepting applications for the program. For a complete list of program rules click here.

Business Eligibility Requirements 

  • Have a physical location in Sugar Land.

  • Have 50 or fewer Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees across all Sugar Land locations.

  • Have paid local sales tax to the City of Sugar Land in 2020.

  • Be considered a hotel, retail, food & beverage, or service-oriented business.

Sweet Cash 2021 - Participating Business Information Sheet
Sweet Cash 2021 Program Performance Agreement

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