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All in for Sltx


Sweet Cash 2021

With your help, the City of Sugar Land was able to stimulate our local economy as we continue to recover from the pandemic. At this time, we are not accepting any new submissions for the Sweet Cash 2021 program.

Upon verification, all pending voucher(s) will be mailed the week of September 20, 2021.

If you love this program and want us to help improve it, please send your feedback to

Thank you for supporting the Sweet Cash 2021 program!

The City is still accepting applications from Sugar Land businesses to participate in Sweet Cash! Click here for more information and apply today!

Requests For Placemaking

Thank you to all of those that submitted their sweet ideas to be considered for the Request for Placemaking program.

We're excited for some of our completed projects including Art Museum TX Sugar Land.

Updates on other funded projects will be disclosed upon installation. We hope to re-open the Request for Placemaking program in the future.

Have a question or suggestion regarding #AllInForSLTX? Send us a message at  

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